Viitenumero: JJ0160
M2 422m2 M2 469m2 Makuuhuoneet 3 Kylpyhuoneet 3 WC 1 Joo Joo Yhteisö Yhteisö
Alkaen 885.000€
Ilmoittaa hintojen lasku
Makuuhuoneet: 3
Kylpyhuoneet: 3
Rakennetut: 422m2
Tontti: 469m2
WC: 1
Keittiö : 1
Vaatekaapit: 3
Sähkönkulutus : B
Ilmansuunta: Etelä
Etäisyys rantaan: 7 Min.
Etäisyys lentokentälle: 40 Min.
Etäisyys vapaa-ajan aktiviteetteihin : 2 Min.
Etäisyys golfkentälle: 5 Km.

A complex made up of 11 unique and different houses.  You will not know why but when you enter you will  notice that it is your house, that you want to live there,  that you need it, to be your home and that of your whole  family. All the houses have 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, a  living room and a kitchen that you will not want to  leave, several gardens and terraces that you can enjoy  all year round. And the best, the pool that surrounds the  entire house and that makes it unique. But, do not settle for anything, dare to personalize your  home as much as you want and need, make it yours,  make it unique and personal.

Finestrat, located in the heart of the Costa Blanca, has  unparalleled tourist potential. The combination of sea and  mountains, on the one hand, and leisure and tranquillity on  the other, make this town a special place to live. The unique mountain of Puig Campana, plus ten kilometres  of green areas, mixed with the paradisiacal beaches that are  just a few minutes from the town, conquer anyone who visits  them. And also, it has the wonderful city of Benidorm just 8 minutes  away. A town that has all the necessary services: restaurants,  entertainment, shopping centres, hospitals, markets, and a  mixture of cultures like few other Spanish cities. In addition, it is very important to highlight the two nearby  golf courses: El Puig Campana Golf and Benidorm Golf,  with spectacular views and without forgetting the Elian  international bilingual school. 

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  • Punta: 761.498 GBP
  • Venäjän rupla: 761.498 RUB
  • Sveitsin frangi: 843.405 CHF
  • Kiinan yuan: 6.875.123 CNY
  • Dollari: 962.438 USD
  • Ruotsin kruunu: 10.063.778 SEK
  • Norjan kruunu: 10.352.730 NOK