Viitenumero: JJ0124
M2 88m2 Makuuhuoneet 2 Kylpyhuoneet 2 Yhteisö Yhteisö Yhteisö Yhteisö
Alkaen 254.900€
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Makuuhuoneet: 2
Kylpyhuoneet: 2
Rakennetut: 88m2
Keittiö : 1
Vaatekaapit: 2
Sähkönkulutus : B
Ilmansuunta: Etelä
Parveke: 11 m2
Etäisyys rantaan: 5 Km.
Etäisyys lentokentälle: 32 Km.
Etäisyys vapaa-ajan aktiviteetteihin : 4 Km.
Etäisyys golfkentälle: 1,5 Km.

Promotion of 6 EXCLUSIVE blocks of 7 LUXURY apartments, a total of 42 UNIQUE homes.

The houses are 3/2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with views of the large lake and green areas of this great luxury resort.

Excellent interior qualities and exterior architecture in keeping with the aesthetics of the 21st century, six avant-garde blocks distributed among promenades, green areas, a swimming pool and private parking.

The residential has excellent qualities capable of satisfying the most demanding. We want you to be proud of your new home even before you step inside it. Everything designed for your comfort and enjoyment.

A location where you will find an intimate, cozy and carefree space. With a careful offer of services designed to live all year round or enjoy your property during the holidays.

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  • Punta: 214.639 GBP
  • Venäjän rupla: 214.639 RUB
  • Sveitsin frangi: 243.022 CHF
  • Kiinan yuan: 1.976.214 CNY
  • Dollari: 272.386 USD
  • Ruotsin kruunu: 2.873.513 SEK
  • Norjan kruunu: 2.906.497 NOK