Legal services

Our company’s Legal Service Department provides our customers with a safe guarantee throughout the sales process. A qualified lawyer monitors the interests of our clients and makes all the necessary legal checks before making payments or signing contracts and ensuring that:

 The property is debt free, free from other fees, there are no burdens, and that all payments are up to date.
Title deeds are made correctly

Trade-related documents are registered with the authorities

Trade-related taxes and other charges are in accordance with the law

  Advice is provided for the treatment of taxes that will be paid later.

In addition, we provide assistance in mandatory trade related issues such as the NIE number (Aliens Identity Number).

If you are going to live in Spain, a lawyer will also help you and your family

A permanent residence permit (Residencia)

Signing up as a resident

A National Health Card (SIP) that allows you to access the Spanish health care system. Holders of this card are entitled to the same treatment as Spanish citizens.